Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oiseau Wraps Up the VIFF

With its world premiere on Wednesday October 11th at 9:30PM and its festival swansong on the afternoon of Friday the 13th, L'Oiseau Mort annointed itself a hit.

Oiseau screened before a sold-out audience at both showings as a part of the Eccentric Orbits program of short films. The response was palpable: gasps, laughs, and introspective silence during the intensely emotional scenes.

Paul Christie, the producer, and writer/director Spencer Maybee were on hand at both screenings for a Q&A session afterward.

"I'm really proud of all the work that everyone put into Oiseau," says Maybee. "Every single person from Ian, our DoP, who put in extensive thought and research to develop the look of the film, to Joanne, our powerhouse 1st AD; from our incredibly diligent and gifted cast, to each and every crew member including Paul's friends who dropped in to help wrap out the location. Everyone did their part extremely well and the final product is testament to that."

Maybee and Christie were both thrilled to see the final picture on the big screen. "You go to the expense of shooting on 35mm and finishing to HD, and when all you've seen through the post process is a down-res'd version on a small computer screen, it's a real relief to see how great it looks on the big screen."

Oiseau is now doing the festival circuit. Check back here for updates on upcoming festival screenings.


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